To Gamble or Not to Gamble

Do I gamble or should I not gamble? Gambling is often a question to be thought of by people over and over again because some say that it could be addictive. But what these people do not know is that the state of addiction is dependent on the person and their personality. It is all within the discipline and extent of self control of the person when it comes to gambling. Outside the realm of addiction, the answer of whether to gamble or not to gamble is actually yes, you should gamble. Let us put details into it to clarify the question further.

It is a fact that in gambling you are trying to have a game of luck. That is why it is called gambling. You are never sure when you will get some and the same thing with losing, you are never sure when you will lose that precious money of yours. But, this actually means that you have a fifty percent of winning that jackpot and fifty percent of not getting it. Either way, you will lose some money but treat that as just the same money you could spend to entertain yourself with a movie or a night out at the local bar. So, this would immediately cross out the fifty percent of losing because you will treat that “loss” as your entertainment costs. Now, you are left with a fifty percent chance of taking something home and fifty percent of not taking anything home. Also, with a smart game strategy, you could increase your winning to be greater than fifty.

On the other hand, if you do not gamble, you do not have any of the fifty percent chance of winning or the fifty percent of not taking anything. You also did not have the chance to entertain yourself by playing. It only means that you do not gain anything or you do not have the chance to take anything home and therefore you stay at the middle. The middle actually means nothing, status quo, and stable.

So, if you would want to entertain yourself and have the chance to get home a prize, then do gamble. However, if you still are not convinced of the fact that gambling is a form of entertainment and a way to have money, then stay at home and do nothing while everyone else is having fun. You do not gain anything, you do not lose anything.

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