Tips to Play Tight Poker

To win in a poker game, there will be different types of strategies. Playing tight and playing tight aggressively, or opting for a loose and passive game are some of the poker techniques. These can lead you to a certain direction and depending on your skills and understanding of the game, help you to win. Playing tight poker involves following your common sense regarding folding the hands and also a certain degree of analysis of the situation on the poker table.

Characteristics of a Tight Poker Player

Tight poker playing is guided by one simple rule; the player folds his hands when he sees that those will not help him in winning pots. He plays only when his hands can give him advantage over others and lead him to win. When someone is playing tight poker, he may wait till the flop only if has good and strong poker starting hands; otherwise, he folds his hands even before the flop.

A tight player will also fold his hands if he has trouble hands like and an Ace and a Ten or a King and a Ten. He will undoubtedly fold his hands in case he gets poker cards from the 4th and a 3c. In a nutshell, a tight player folds his hands when the common-sense poker strategies dictate that he should.

In case of tight playing, just like pre-flop folding, post flop folding is also there. If the player sees that after the flop, his chances of winning have become slim, he will fold his hands. Tight playing, as the name itself suggests, is nothing but being very selective about the hands that a player is playing.

Tight Playing Against Loose Playing

The opposite of tight poker strategy is the loose playing one. Where as in tight playing, the player gets very selective of the hands that he will play, the opposite happens when he is playing loose. The later involves the player seeing as many flops as he can, irrespective of whether he has a bad or a good starting hand. Loose playing is basically a lot of guess work while in tight playing, the player is making certain decisions and playing the game accordingly.

Benefits of Tight Playing

Tight playing is a very clear strategy regarding how you should play poker. The basic rule is that you should play when your hands are good or otherwise, you fold the hands. This is good because the player will not be wasting his chips on bad hands. As he is following a clear guideline, he doesn’t have to pay on losing as the players get penalized for playing speculative games sometimes.

It has also been seen that in poker game, proper decision making can take a player far. When you are playing tight poker, you are making some decisions regarding when you will fold and when you will play. Depending on this skill to take a good decision, a tight player can widen his scope of winning. This is because he is not depending on speculation as in the loose playing strategy, but is collecting information and making a decision based on the same.

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