Poker Strategies – Picking the Right Table and Playing Smart


Selecting the right poker room or right poker table should be done cautiously. It is important not to simply enter the room and take a seat at the first table you see, since choosing the table is very much a part of a winning poker strategy. In essence this involves choosing the games in which you have the greatest chance of winning and increasing your bankroll and your experience.

It is important as well to play with opponents of similar ability. If you are consistently playing with players of much greater ability, you will not win many pots, and the pots you do win are more likely to be a result of luck than of skill. A better way to learn is to play with similarly matched players, or those with slightly less experience and skill. Seeking out tables with lots of weak players, of course, is a great way to increase your chances of winning the largest pots.

When choosing the best table to play at, it pays to look for these important criteria:

– The number of the players who enter the flop part of the game – The average size of the pots – Games that are populated by known weak players

This information is of course quite easy to find when playing poker online. When playing online, look in the lobby next to the game you are considering. The most obvious way to tell the nature of the game is to look at the number of players who enter the flop. If lots of players enter the flop, that generally means that there are a large number of weak players in the current game. If very few players enter the flop the game is tighter, and this indicates a higher percentage of more expert players. Poker players of average ability should look for poker rooms with a flop percentage of greater than 40%.

When looking at the average size of the pot, look for a pot that is at least twelve to fifteen times the size of the smallest allowable bid. You will need a pot at least this large in order to make money in the game.

If you know that a particular game is populated by a number of known weak players, try your best to take a seat in that particular poker room, as this will increase your chances of success.

Finally, it is important to always keep in mind that players will always be moving in and out of online poker rooms, so it is important to always keep an eye on the criteria listed above. If the flop percentage or pot size changes you may need to adjust your betting strategy or leave the poker room for a more appropriate venue.

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