Poker Chips The Necessity of Poker


No matter which way you look at it, you need poker chips to play any sort of decent poker game. Gone are the days where a simple game required nuts and pennies as chips. With the World Series of Poker on TV suddenly everyone wants to go pro and quit their career. However, before you jump the gun remember, the saying goes along the lines of “If you want to go pro, you need to act pro first.” Fancy hats and diamond cigars are a little out of everyone’s league, however one thing is a must for any player: Having a good set of poker chips.

The basic two types of poker chips are clay and plastic chips. While plastic chips tend to be much cheaper, I advise spending a little on your passion of poker and going with the clay chips for various reasons. Clay chips are chips used in real casino games, all the pros use them as well. To plastic  live casino chips however, most pros refer to as “kid’s play.” The plastic version does tend to look a little childish and feel too light when compared to casino style clay chips. Clay chips are heavier, they are solid bodied, and most importantly they are the same as in a casino giving you a feel of a casino style game in your own home. The company Poker Chips offers a wide range of clay and plastic poker chips that can be designed and ordered in many sorts of artistic styles and flavors. The clay chips run around .60 cents a chip and the plastic ones are .6 cents each. Other sites you may want to look at for high quality poker chips are the Poker Chip Company and Old Vegas Chips . Which ever set you end up getting I suggest you get used to the feel of the chips. As funny as it may sound, you need to have a feel for the chips to be more comfortably on the floor in betting, bluffing, or even holding them confidently in your hand during a high stakes poker game.

Poker is about guts and knowledge, but a little luck never hurt as well. I hope your chips will serve you well, and you invest a deal of money to get the best set you need that will Simple PHP Website last a lifetime. Best of luck to all the fellow poker players!

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